28 parliamentarians and provincial assembly members are suspended today, with a verdict of Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan. This decision was made on the petition, filed by PTI Chairman Imran Khan, that these legislators are elected illegally.

These 28 members include federal ministers and members of national and provincial assemblies. These politicians suspended belong to PPP, PMLN, PMLQ, MQM, and some are independent parliamentarians.

Members will stay suspended until government pass a new amendment in the law. The government has proved their incompetence and failure to follow the constitution. These members will not get government funds until the issue is resolved.

PPP meeting all parties to find a solution to another question on their governance. While PPPP government claims that their democratic gov tenure is the longest ever in the history of Pakistan politics. At the same time transparency international has released corruption figures of the government and actual corruption money is expected to be much more. The longest and most corrupt government in the history of Pakistan came into power using NRO which is also declared illegal by SC.

Irregularities in the Pakistan governance is obvious, the parties in power in federal and provincial assemblies are busy planning for next seat adjustments and saving themselves, while Pakistan remains in trouble.

While some people who just can’t live without accusing Imran Khan for one thing or the other, as if he is responsible for the mess Pakistan is in to today. This time Imran Khan that he can’t bring a change by Jalsas and he is not taking the right steps or too slow. I think Imran Khan is taking all the right, legal and honest steps for Pakistan. He do not want to start a civil disobedience and give every chance to the SC to make decisions and he will stand by them and support CJ.

I think PPPP gov got four years to make people sure that the old age politicians have got not no solutions and intentions to solve Pakistan problems. All of them have cases against them, and they will just continue to defend themselves and use every mean to come in power to claim the “immunity”. They are in the bad habbit to use government resource completely for their own betterment.

History is being written in Pakistan today, the darkest era is going to end soon. InshAllah change is coming as most of the current ruling elite will be disqualified and will face cases of corruption, treason, bad governance, terrorism, and much more.