Great gift for all Pakistanis and PTI supporters as overseas Pakistanis get the right to vote. The decision came out from ECP (Election Comission of Pakistsan) on Tuesday 14th Feb. The decision is warmly welcomed by 3.7 million overseas Pakistanis, who can now vote using their National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP). The pressure from SC on the government to fix the election process has helped in getting overseas Pakistanis to exercise their right to vote.

Overseas Pakistanis have expressed joy & pleasure on the decision. They are happy that they can cast their vote now to help Pakistan move in to the right direction. Children at some places got so excited that their parents had to inform them that only Pakistanis can vote not the English.

This is yet another big good news for PTI as most overseas Pakistanis, like people in Pakistan, support PTI and want to bring change in the country now. Its time for us all to network with people around us and get ready to vote for Imran Khan in the coming elections.