Imran Khan is one of the most famous superstars of Pakistan. Everyone liked him but he seemed he is not fit for Pakistan politics. Khan Sahab proved everyone wrong on 30th October 2011 at Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore. It was the day Imran Khan was recognized as the new leading political force of Pakistan. It was the darkest era of Pakistan politics with Zardari as President Pakistan and Sharifs back in power in Punjab ready to make more offshore accounts.

Imran Khan never looked back after the day and he proved himself right that a tsunami of people will come out to vote for “change”. Which happened and we managed to win KPK and also got the 2nd highest number of votes as a party overall in Pakistan. We all know the “mistakes” of ECP and other shortcomings of the 2013 elections which couldn’t reflect the real mandate of the people. However, that could not disappoint Imran Khan and he taught us the meaning of “not giving up”. Despite serious injuries in the election campaign 2013, he got back up on his feet to fight for the nation.

30th October 2011 was indeed a remarkable day, a day which changed Pakistan politics. The day which gave us hope to win against the criminals. It showed us the real leader of Pakistan and his commitment to free Pakistan from the chains of corruption, dishonesty, and crime.

We shortlisted a few talk shows to give you a flashback of the effects of the Jalsa. And how it surprised everyone.


Report by SamaaTV


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