Muhammad Bilal Siddiq (Founder iSupportPTI Community)

Born in 1978 Faisalabad, Bilal is one of the first school students who collected donations for SKMH and was awarded Khan’s tiger certificate in 1991. In 2008 when Zardari arrived on the scene Bilal joined PTI. The project was initiated in 2011 after 30th October Jalsa with a mission to support Imran Khan and free Pakistan from the corrupt. Our team had decided to pursue politics aggressively with Imran Khan.

“Politics is not my cup of tea but I joined to support Khan Sahab as I did not want to be a spectator anymore.“ Bilal

What do we do?

I Support PTI team members work together to provide the following:

  • Provide Information about PTI & Current Affairs
  • Produce Videos of PTI Events and on Current Affairs
  • Social Media Info Graphics
  • Design PTI Cars, T-Shits, Bands, Badges, Stickers, Posters, Flex Designs
  • We promote the work of other PTI supporters
  • Designed various on-ground PTI promotional campaigns
We have worked for hands in hands with many PTI team such as ISF, Youth Wing, Insaf Professionals Forum, PTI Social Media Team, PTI Creative Team, Various PTI Overseas Chapters, Individual PTI leaders including the Chairman Imran Khan on a couple of occasions.

Things to do

Click here to view various actions you can take by teaming up with us.