We are the largest independent & proactive PTI supporters community

Mission 2018

We have worked tirelessly since 2011 and now during the Election Year 2018 we are preparing to contribute the best of us for PTI to win the general elections with landslide victory. InshaAllah Imran Khan will be Pakistan's next Prime Minister and that will change everything.

Who we are?

We are an independent team of PTI supporters helping PTI achieve its goals to build Naya Pakistan. We believe in Imran Khan's vision and efforts in order to bring rule of law & change in Pakistan. We specifically want to mention that we are not an official PTI project.

I Support PTI team members work together to provide following:

1- Provide Information about PTI & Current Affairs
2- Produce Videos of PTI Events and on Current Affairs
3- Social Media Info Graphics
4- Design PTI Cars, T-Shits, Bands, Badges, Stickers, Posters, Flex Designs
5- We promote the work of other PTI supporters

We have worked hands in hands with many PTI team such as ISF, Youth Wing, Insaf Professionals Forum, PTI Social Media Team, PTI Creative Team, Various PTI Overseas Chapters, Individual PTI leaders including the Chairman Imran Khan on couple of occasions.

We are unofficial and independent PTI supporters group. We are free from any internal party politics and our sole objective is to help PTI achieve its goals.
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Things to do

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