Asim Khan

Asim Khan is the founding member of PTI London and has contributed greatly for the cause of Imran Khan. He has supported our team always and always encouraged us to continue despite all the hardships.

Maj. Arif Hameed Mehr

Major Arif Hameed is an army veteran, fought the 71 war. Later he served as legal advisor to Behram D. Avari and other companies. He shares his wisdom, passion and patriotism with our young team.

Faisal Javed Khan

Faisal Khan needs no introduction, he is the voice of PTI and one of the front runners of Imran Khan’s team. Faisal is working closely with us for party image building and to spread the message to as many as we can.

Walid Iqbal

Grandson of the great Allama Muhammad Iqbal (RA), Walid Iqbal carries the lagacy of Iqbal and present the intellectuals of PTI. Always available to answer any questions and issues we have.

Asad Umar

Without a doubt the most calculated and logical man of PTI , part of Imran Khan’s main team and has worked with us on a number of occasions and offers help whenever we ask for.

Andleeb Abbas

A renowned professional and a fighter – She is pushing for Naya Pakistan along with the PTI leadership and one of the rising star of PTI. Always available and helpful.

Atif Chaudhary

One of the key PTI leaders, a role model who gave up his British Nationality for Pakistan. More than helpful and we work together to manage various campaigns promoting the message of justice.