Following are some design projects we are working on. Please share your ideas and concepts to help us. Those who want to design these graphics are welcome to design and submit their concepts to be published on ISPTI Network.

Your Vote Can Save Pakistan

We need different graphic designs to make people realize that their vote can save Pakistan. They must get their votes registered and vote in the coming elections. The graphics should show urgency to save Pakistan and we can not miss this opportunity to bring PTI in power and change the course of our country.

A ballot box with a hand voting, with a background of stars or power showing elements can add value. In the background we can show some evils of our country which Imran Khan will eliminate InshAllah. You are free to use your power of imagination and come up with such designs, which we can use on social media and our computers.

Design Instructions

I suggest whatever you design, should be designed for minimum 1024×768 pixels. If that design is good and ISPTI creative team approves that – you can work more to create small versions for Social Media profile pictures etc.