Your Voice Matters!

Almost all of us spend considerable time online on social networks. By dedicating a small part of it we can join the team of PTI supporters who are taking action to promote PTI. We are highlighting some actions you can take while you spend your time on Internet to help PTI change Pakistan.

Follow all PTI official accounts

First of all you should follow all PTI official pages on Facebook & Twitter. A list is provided on the JOIN PTI page at our website.

Share the updates

Generally the trend is that more people LIKE a post and less people SHARE IT. Earlier when you liked a post it used to publish on your wall automatically, but this functionality as been changed now. Now liking a post does not publish it on your wall. Hence you have to SHARE it, to publish it on the well. It just takes a few clicks to SHARE a post, do that.

On Twitter, you can follow official accounts, and ReTweet to spread the Tweets.

Don’t waste your time fighting with fake people

The opponents of PTI want our supporters to engage in online fights with fake people. People who don’t have any sentiments for Pakistan but doing their job. It would be a total waste of time if you do so. You need to network with the right people and ignore the propaganda against PTI. Ignoring them is their defeat and if you waste your time fighting and not working for PTI, then its not good for party.

Get in touch with your local chapter

Go to, find contacts of your local chapter and get in touch with them.