We Pakistanis are chained today in poverty, terrorism, corruption, injustice, and many other evils. While we have hope in Imran Khan, there are fears which may restrain you to break free and be a part of the movement for justice in Pakistan by PTI.

1) Imran Khan is a hardliner and likes Taliban

This is a false accusation just to distract you to not accept Imran Khan as your leader. Don’t you see Imran Khan is supported by common Pakistanis and not the establishment or Taliban? Imran Khan always opposed the war on terror and there are many solid reasons to do so. Imran Khan is the most enlightened and moderate Muslim in the whole Pakistani political picture. He stands by his words and always works hard to achieve his targets. He is not a double faced person. In case if he is a good-looking face of religious parties, he would have told us. Right now Jamat-e-Islami as well as Mulana Tahir-ul-Qadri is becoming very active in the political scene. They are holding Jalsas and promising people that its them who will bring the change in Pakistan. But people don’t want their change. Religious parties are not accepting Imran Khan as their leader or joining PTI, that proves that they have their own agenda. Even if they come to help PTI form a government, it would not mean that PTI will work on their agenda. PTI has its own agenda and vision for Pakistan and it is not a puppet party.

2) Imran Khan is getting corrupt politicians from other parties in to PTI, and like this he can not bring a change.

It’s against common sense. Since this accusation first came from rival parties, media and some people followed these statements, objected to Imran Khan’s decision and doubted his loyalty. Basic logic is that if the leader of the house is not corrupt, if he is not promoting corruption and he follows laws,then none of his cabinet member can do corruption. Right now the situation is opposite, we have all heard the statements from some politicians that corruption is their right. They think while governing Pakistan, its their right to misuse their powers and make as much money as they can.

Another important aspect of this issue is that all politicians joining PTI, are doing so without any terms & conditions. Do not forget that five fingers are not equal, all the politicians are not corrupt, mainly its the leadership, which has promoted corruption to this level that even citizens have to pay bribe to government officials in every day life. This is just because the head of the state is involved in corruption and the rest of the people follow the trend. But there are good people in every department of Pakistan. There are true patriots, true Muslims, and great humanitarians in our nation. Some are hidden and others are exposed. Anyone who wants to avail the chance to change Pakistan, will join PTI. And Imran Khan will welcome him, but that does not mean Imran Khan is giving them a permit to start looting Pakistan when PTI comes in power.

3) Although Imran Khan has public support but ruling parties will win elections again by hook or crook.

I accept that Pakistan has lived for decades in such darkness that soul-shakening crimes have taken place in our beloved land. But there is always an end to everything. The people of Pakistan, specially the youth have decided already that its now or never. The tasunami of Imran Khan is unstoppable and there will be free elections in future which PTI will sweep. Or otherwise there will be record breaking public protests and ultimately the will of the general people will have to be accepted.

4) Imran Khan does not have a clear policy & plans to run the government

This is the funniest of the accusation and true in a sense that Imran Khan does not really have a plan for looting Pakistan. In that case he doesn’t have a policy. Its an open reality that Imran Khan is the most educated, groomed, motivated, clean, passionate, and patriotic leader Pakistan has today. He does have plans and all policies, one really needs to run the country, but he is not even in the government yet, why he should explain what he will do and how in every bit of detail. On the other hand what policies Mr. Zardari and Nawaz Shareef have? Personal interests? Is that working for Pakistan?

5) After getting in power Imran Khan will also give up to the external and internal hidden powers. i.e. USA & Establishment of Pakistan

We had a true leader Quaid-e-Azam when Pakistan was made, and now we again have a true leader Imran Khan who will not surrender to any forces within or outside Pakistan. He is a man of honor and he will work only and only for the people of Pakistan. He will not give up the rights of our people, and he will establish our country to glorify our future and make us a powerful state. Obviously a powerful state can do welfare, if we are not economically strong, we can not protect the people.

If you want to end corruption, injustice, poverty, crime, and terrorism in Pakistan, break free from your fears and join Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, join Imran Khan. If you have any questions or want to discuss, you can use comments.