PMLN can not stop me from supporting Imran Khan with their blackmailing tactics – Aleem Khan

Aleem Khan has proven to be one of the most active and dedicated worker of Imran Khan. He is now leading the Punjab PTI team and once again PMLN is targeting him with corruption allegations in a housing society in Lahore. Aleem Khan always rejected these allegations and challenged Shahbaz Sharif to step up and place some charges against him if he has any evidence. Once again Aleem Khan shared the documents of his society in this video message and challenged PMLN to prove him wrong. More over he vowed to continue supporting Imran Khan’s movement for justice in Pakistan at any cost.

We hope that Aleem Khan will come out clean in these allegations. As Imran Khan said not to support him as well if he is involved in any corruption. So that goes for anyone in PTI and we want justice and rule of law in the country.