Abid Boxer admitted he had murdered countless people on the orders of the Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Fake police encounter can not happen without the orders of CM Punjab. Said Abid Boxer categorically repeated many times during his conversation to make his point.

What a great way to serve the people, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif what should we call you now?

Watchout Mubashar Lucman’s program after Abid Boxer arrest and we demand him to be presented in front of the court for his statement. PTI has already taken notice of this and Khan Sahab has asked the party to take this matter to court. This is time that the people who have killed and looted this country all these years should be completely exposed and held accountable.

Mubashar Lucman surely has a point here and we should not ignore this and take on this issue.

Khan Sahab is taking this issue very seriously and already gave statement that he will take this matter to the court. He is further stressing on the issue on social media.