We have heard it many times on tv channels, “Imran Khan should use other forums instead of agitation”. They don’t have a choice to disagree with Election Reforms and Accountability demand of PTI, but still they can accuse Imran Khan for getting out on roads to achieve his goals. These people on tv are forgetting that PTI gave more than a year to this government to address the issue of election rigging and trial those who were responsible. But government never gave it importance and was busy appointing close relatives on top positions, taking more loans, and flying around the world. On the other hand, despite pressure from the party workers Imran Khan not only accepted the government but also gave them fair amount of time. But during all this Imran Khan kept repeating that he does not accept rigging and it must be investigated.

Imran Khan failed to get justice from courts, Parliament, election commission and hence he had no other way than to mobilize the public and force government to take necessary steps.

So what is this alternative way these media actors, I mean anchors & intellectuals are suggesting? This is the same way Rehman Malik was suggesting. “Give and take”, in other words compromise with sharifs and let them rule the country. The same sort of “Give and Take” between Zardari and Sharifs. With which they are united to safeguard their corruption and blackmoney. They want the same sort of settlement with Imran Khan and want him to ignore the election rigging and corruption. In return they want him to make whatever he can from KPK.

If Imran Khan would have been doing all this for any personal gains, he can gain anything he demand to let go the crime of rigging elections. Its hard to believe but someone has joined politics not to make money but to build this nation into a superpower. Status quo has little or no idea of what they are dealing with here. Imran Khan is now doing what he wanted to do long ago but the nation was not ready then. But now the scene is entirely different. People can now clearly see who looted them and who is fighting for them. Now they are thinking to throw away the garbage from the Parliament and put them in jails for their crimes. Yes we are thinking of revolution, we are fighting for accountability and justice. Imran Khan believes in the power of the people and this is exactly how Quaid e Azam made PAKISTAN, with the power of the people.

So there is no other way for Imran Khan. The only way is with the power of the people. He can not bring changes in the country If he teams up with status quo. Its not a possibility and certainly its not the solution.