Ever since PTI formed government in KPK, they are demanding FC (Frontier Constabulary) to secure KPK boundary with FATA. FC was formed historically to protect this boundary touching tribal areas. But now the FC is moved to Islamabad to protect diplomats. Without FC security on this critical boundary, it is impossible to secure Peshawar from terrorist attacks. Terrorists can reach Peshawar from the tribal areas in a matter of few minutes.

Many said that KPK government is a trap for PTI and Sharifs would do everything to fail PTI here in order to secure their political future. KPK is the most affected province because of this “War of terror” and the army, FC and other security agencies are in federal control and they are not providing any help to PTI KPK government.

So what should be conclude? This is intentional massacre by India supported TTP in Pakistan and our central government has no issues with it.