Gov Punjab promised homes to the poor citizens of Pakistan on easy installments and a down payment of Rs. 297500. PMLN government promised possession of homes within 2.5 years. The houses are overdue from more than 3 years now and still no possession have been given to the people who paid the down payments as well as paying installments from years! Applicants of Ashiyana house scheme are saying that the only development was done at the launch of the schemes and after that there has not been any development in these societies in almost all cities. People are complaining from Lahore, Faisalabad and other cities where Ashiyana Housing Schemes were started.

Initially government announced that the down payment of Rs. 297500 for orphans and widows will be paid by the government. But when the people applied, the government asked them to make the payment. And now even after the down payments and monthly installments government has not provided them homes. People got tired of visiting government offices but no use. No one is listening to them. And now when people have stopped paying the monthly installments, the government is charging them late fees and other penalties.

Public is now demanding from the government to either pay them back the money they paid or give them homes. But sadly government is not taking any action and ignoring the poor people. Instead of helping the poor people in getting a home, the PMLN gov have looted the poor.