Poem: B.U.R.N.T

The tragedy that unfolded in AhmedPur Sharqia. The poor burnt and the rulers played abroad in their homes and its comfort

Burnt by the indifference and neglect
By the government and its machine
Stares directly at its murder, this fact
Never you came for our plight & its signs
Only the tanker we needed to quench our thirst
All that misery now put to rest
So long my brothers and friends
Finally freed from that promise of state and its best
Mourn you will for few days and then forget
Offering money towards the dead, with no regret
The age old mechanism of indifference and neglect
Burnt with that oil and that empty pot
Filled with that fuel to save some soul
Upon that long stretch of tarmac and oil
There remains our bodies and its charcoal
Burnt by the indifference and its neglect
Still it won’t matter to you, your blood will never boil
At this crime and its perpetual net
Have fun our rulers as you play in its debt

Poem By Asim Khan – Follow him on Twitter