Rangers submitted the report to Sindh High Court stating that fire at Baldia Factory was a deliberate act by members of a political party.

We wouldn’t be wrong guessing that party is MQM. The report submitted by Ranger is a secret and rangers also have one of the party worker arrested who set the fire. So it looks that everything is clear but justice is not being served to the nation. Our judiciary needs to be set free from the influence of the ruling elite.

This is one of the worst crimes in Pakistan by the ruling elite who are not only looting the people of Pakistan but also kill whenever they want to force people for more money. The story is circulating online today and people demanding the government to investigate and bring the killers to justice. But we all know since the ruling parties are involved in extortion business, little or no action is expected from them. We don’t have words to express our grief and sorrow for the poor families who lost their loved ones in that fire. But we should not be quite on this massacre and should do whatever is possible to eliminate these mafias ruining our lives.