The battle is not over yet, says Dr. Yasmin who dragged N league out of their palaces to the streets of NA120. N had to use all the support of ECP to save themselves from a humiliating defeat in the public polls. After Panama defeat it was very critical for them to win the seat they secured with 40k votes lead in 2013. So they rewarded people in the name of development funds, moved PTI voters our of the constituency, brought in new unverified voters, threatened people of the area and more. Despite many PTI complains ECP did not cooperate on the 30k unverified votes and the issue is still pending.

I will take ECP to the court, says Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

If PMLN wants to see NA120 as a referendum on Nawaz Sharif disqualification then they should know that the total votes cast against PMLN are more than the votes they received. Says Fawad Chaudhry

At this point, we just want to thank Dr. Yasmin, her team, all PTI supporters, and leaders who stood up against this corrupt political Mafia of Pakistan. Everyone realize now the rising force is PTI and PMLN reality is they are just surviving on the government powers and the looted wealth. Both the government and the wealth are not going to last for long.