As we all know, PTI is holding a big public meeting in Liaqatbagh Pindi tomorrow. Earlier Imran Khan demanded the ruling parties to disclose their real assets or otherwise he will go for Civil Disobedience in Pakistan and will close all major cities. Well so far no one disclosed the real assets in fact they are rejecting all corruption accusations. Khan sahab gave time of 2 months to reveal the real assets which have gone past now.

Recently when the Yousaf Raza was convicted in supreme court, Khan sahab said that he will give time to the government for appeal as that’s their constitutional right. However the ruling elite is not considering the constitution and law supreme and Yousaf Raza is not even appealing to the supreme court. For them the matter is over and they will continue to rule Pakistan. Khan sahab promised Tsunami march and its time he should fulfil his promise and show the government that we can fight for our rights and won’t give them a freeway to loot Pakistan.

On the other hand, all the ruling parties are using gov resources and funds for their own private agendas. Such as the laptop scheme, benazir income support, and most of the police to provide security to only VIPs are a few examples. Living conditions for Pakistani nation are deteriorating day by day and the poor people are suffering badly.

If we don’t stop it now, I think Pakistan will continue to suffer and the ruling parties will influence the election commission, and the process of election can not be fair. Hence we have all the reasons to reject this government now and there is no point in waiting for them to complete 5 years and destroy everything in Pakistan. Most importantly if they continue to rule, they will continue to infect the election commission and other authorities in Pakistan.

So we will wait tomorrow in Pindi Jalsa for Khan sahab to give us the plan to end this anarchy in Pakistan. And we don’t want more conditions for the government to fulfil before we take action. Most PTI supporters think that we can’t wait anymore. We are not coming in the Pindi Jalsa for just a Jalsa, it has to be something more than that.