geo-blackmailerJung group is a known blackmailer and no one ever dared to challenge the biggest media group of Pakistan. Geo group considers itself the god of media who can destroy or build reputation of anyone in Pakistan. Specially from the past few years it seems to have gotten the contract to promote India and America in Pakistan while defaming the national assets like Pakistan army and secret agency ISI. Geo policies and actions clearly identify it to be a front runner in implementing the agenda of global establishment in Pakistan, putting aside the national interests and pride. Media is being used to feed the brains of common Pakistanis with disinformation and lies and taking away all hopes. Sadly the biggest media group proves that they are working against their own nation for money and power. Meanwhile India continues it’s hostile policies against Pakistan Jung/Geo group is pursuing pro Indian agenda.

Many Pakistanis already were concerned about the behavior of Geo group and were showing their discomfort on the social media. Specially after incidents like Ajmal Kasab when Geo produced fake evidence to prove that Pakistanis conducted the attack in India. And recently when Geo openly attacked ISI and blamed it to attempt murder Hamid Mir. After Geo attacked Pakistan army thousands of complaints were filed against Geo on the PEMRA website.

A lot needs to be fixed in Pakistan including setting up boundaries between freedom of speech and misuse of the power of the media.

We should boycott Geo to give a message to all media houses that we will not accept funded agendas and we will protect our dignity and national pride at all costs.

Thank you Imran Khan for leading the nation and standing up against the media Mafia as well.