Imran Khan Dharna in Islamabad, Ramadan 2011

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Today we are starting a permanent segment at our website “Blast from the Past”.

We are sharing a video with you, of the Ramadan of 2011 (last year).
It seems like nothing has improved in Pakistan in the so called democratic government in last year. While the ruling parties are continually suspecting Imran Khan. With every passing day, PTI is gaining more and more public support all over Pakistan.

From the video it is obvious, that Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s vision for Pakistan makes him unique in the whole political class. He is proving over and over again that he is doing everything in the best interest of Pakistan. He is in fact the only political party leader who can be called a true patriot.

We are proud of our leader of the revolution which is about to change Pakistan 180 degrees. Its a revolution which will keep on growing until it will encompass Pakistan completely. Its May 2012 and we have all experienced record breaking public gatherings in almost all major cities of Pakistan. On May 27th PTI is having another historic Jalsa in LaiqatBagh Rawalpindi. All of this is strengthening the Tehreek, and ultimately PTI will clean sweep elections and change Pakistan. InshAllah!