Lets Break Free

Pakistani nation, united under the leadership of Imran Khan, can break free from the chains of corruption, injustices, poverty, terrorism and many other evils. Together we can pull Pakistan out of the worst crisis of its history where its very own existence and the well being of its people are at great risk. Most of us are already convinced and don’t doubt Imran Khan when he says that the change has arrived already.
There are accusations being raised at PTI & Imran Khan from his opponents directly and indirectly. They are trying their best to convince the nation as if Imran Khan will not be able to bring a change and some others claiming that they have brought the change already. In any case we should not consider these speculations about PTI and there is just no other way but to change the governance system of Pakistan entirely. Only PTI, under the leadership of Imran Khan, can do that without keeping into account their own benefits.

To do so we need to unite and this is the time to end the miseries of Pakistan. There is just nothing which we are demanding specifically for ourselves, PTI supporters, or PTI officials. Imran Khan’s struggle is for the whole nation as one. Without any differences of cast, culture, religion, or social status. He wants to implement new age systems in Pakistan, which will bring transparency, accountability and will ease our every day lives.

Imran Khan himself is the change. He is a man of honor and a man of his words. There is absolutely no doubt in that, and those who are trying to make him appear dubious have proven criminal history. Hence, I suggest we should break free from these chains which are keeping us behind the whole world, which are keeping us away from our basic human rights. Let’s change the VIP culture of Pakistan & make our country a real Modern Islamic Welfare State.