Justice or Corruption NA 120 to Decide

August 16th, 2017|Home Page, ISPTI BLOG, Lahore|

After Nawaz Sharifs disqualification the seat is open for by-elections to be held soon. This is first public contest between PTI and PMLN after the Panama Case decision and disqualification. Now everyone knows the reality of Sharifs as they stand vindicated and have no evidence of earning the money legally to buy all the assets they own. PTI Lahore is geared up and have been working non stop ever since Nawaz disqualification to prepare for the upcoming by election and leave no loop hole for PMLN to cheat as they are in power in Punjab and the center.

What is Nawaz Sharif’s Revolution? Explains Moeed Pirzada

August 15th, 2017|Home Page, ISPTI BLOG, Videos|

We agree 100% with Moeed Pirzada here. Actually, a revolution is building up against Nawaz Sharif. The majority of PTI supporters hate Nawaz and Zardari as much as they love Imran Khan. We support Khan because he is fighting against Nawaz, Zardari, Altaf and others like them.

Only PTI leadership condoled Hamid’s death

August 15th, 2017|Home Page, ISPTI BLOG, VIP Culture|

Young boy Hamid aged only 12 was crushed by the motorcade of Nawaz Sharif on the 11th August and was buried in Lala Musa by the locals in the absence of any representative from PMLN who were responsible for his death and also the ruling party in Punjab and the center.

Nawaz Sharif upset on flop rally

August 10th, 2017|Corruption, Crime, Home Page, ISPTI BLOG|

Nawaz Sharif upset over low turn out in his rally despite spending government funds and using government resources.

Sharif family’s jew partners exposed

August 9th, 2017|Corruption, Home Page, ISPTI BLOG|

Arshad Sharif of ARY revealed that Hassan Nawaz is working with Jew partners in two of his companies. Ironically Sharif's have been doing propaganda against Imran Khan that he is a backed by Jews while they are doing business with Israelis themselves. Arshad Sharif also revealed that Israeli citizens were leading the global network of money laundering and FIA of USA was investigating to expose this network.

Nawaz Sharif wanted to become my secret boyfriend – says Kim Barker

August 7th, 2017|ISPTI BLOG|

Most innocent faced Nawaz Sharif having grand kids and x prime minister once again brought a bad name to the country by flirting with a foreign journalist Kim Barker who met him for an interview.

Pakistanis in London accelerate PTI membership drive to support the party

August 6th, 2017|ISPTI BLOG, PTI Overseas Chapters|

​ While Pmln fail to provide any logic to why overseas Pakistanis can not support a political party in Pakistan while the economy of the country depends on the remittances they send back home.  At the same time ruling party is filled with dual nationals and akama holders including the x PM Nawaz. Nothing can [...]

Why Ayesha Gulalai was launched with 56 hours non-stop media coverage?

August 6th, 2017|Home Page, ISPTI BLOG|

The video exposes the real story behind launching Ayesha Gulalai who couldn't provide any proofs nor build a logical story. Cheap accusations were launched at a time when Sharifs were disqualified from ruling Pakistan and cases were being registered to trial them.

Khadija Siddiqi The Fighter Gets Justice

July 29th, 2017|ISPTI BLOG, Jusitce|

Khadija Siddiqi fought for it and won the case today - Shah Hussain son of an influential lawyer sentenced to jail for 7 years for stabbing Khadija 23 times in broad daylight. Hassan Niazi nephew of Imran Khan fought for Khadija in the court and was successful in getting her justice. Shah Hussain was arrested today. Talking to media after the judgment Khadija thanked all Pakistanis for supporting her.

Imran Khan Won Panama Case

July 28th, 2017|Chairman PTI Imran Khan, ISPTI BLOG, Panama Case|

Monumental moment in the history of Pakistan. Corruption and its monster of crime finally being caged. ‪The struggle of one man Imran Khan long time ago finally has become the voice and conscience of the nation. Imran Khan was the first politician to raise the issue of illegal assets and corruption 20 years ago. He [...]