Alternative way for Imran Khan

We have heard it many times on tv channels, "Imran Khan should use other forums instead of agitation". They don’t have a choice to disagree with Election Reforms and Accountability demand of PTI, but still they can accuse Imran Khan for getting out on roads to achieve his goals. These people on tv are forgetting that PTI gave more than a year to this government to address the issue of election rigging and trial those who were responsible. But government never gave it importance and was busy appointing close relatives on top positions, taking more loans, and flying around the world. On the other hand, despite pressure from the party workers Imran Khan not only accepted the government but also gave them fair amount of time. But during all this Imran Khan kept repeating that he does not accept rigging and it must be investigated.

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Why Sharif skipped meeting Hurriyat leaders but attended steel barons tea party

On May 27, shortly after meeting with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, Pakistan’s Prime Minister- Nawaz Sharif attended a somewhat special tea party in New Delhi- one that hardly caught anyone’s eye in India. However, it more than led to a storm in a teacup in neighbouring Pakistan. The controversial tea party was hosted by Indian steel baron Sajjan Jindal at his residence in honour of the Pakistani premier. But on the menu was a lot more than just tea and biscuits.

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