Only Imran Khan protested against Zardari’s nomination for President Pakistan in 2008

Imran Khan categorically stated that even if he had to protest alone, he would have done that. Imran Khan held the protest in Islamabad after Zardari was nominated as President Pakistan with the help of Nawaz Sharif. All corrupt politicians in PMLN, PPPP or other parties welcomed Zardari into politics after Benazir assassination. With Zardari leading PPPP and President Pakistan they were about to get the liberty to loot like

Blast From the Past – Great Khan the Falcon of Allama Iqbal

Imran Khan Dharna in Islamabad, Ramadan 2011 Today we are starting a permanent segment at our website “Blast from the Past”. We are sharing a video with you, of the Ramadan of 2011 (last year). It seems like nothing has improved in Pakistan in the so called democratic government in last year. While the ruling parties are continually suspecting Imran Khan. With every passing day, PTI is gaining more and