Now what the opponents will call PTI? A rural or an urban party?

PTI today is the only national political front. People from all segments of our society, ethnic groups, religions and age groups are supporting Imran Khan for Change in Pakistan. People living in rural areas are the ones most affected with all sorts of crisis in Pakistan. From power shortages to health, education and economic situation, they are facing the worst case. It’s a complete revolt and we challenge everyone still not moved to step up for Pakistan that it’s our time for a revolution.

Imran Khan breaking the chains of corruption

Those who looted Pakistan give us the message that its routine and that’s the way things are done in Pakistan. Everyone loots and its a part of politics. When Imran Khan said he will change it all. His opponents said he is not a politician and can never succeed. Yet with his simplicity, honesty, and dedication, he is proving all opponents wrong. Now he is on the brink to free this country from the most crooked political elite looting the nation from 50 years.

No case on Khan to disqualify him

Sharifs failing terribly with their politics to suppress their opponents with blackmailing tactics. They could not silence Imran Khan by any means what so ever. Since Imran Khan is a clean, determined and brave leader he sustained the propaganda of Sharif masterminds. One after the other, accusations and false cases against Imran Khan are being dismissed after he had provided all the details. Recently Islamabad High Court dismissed the bailable arrest warrants of Imran Khan issued by ECP.

Good arrangements should be made for Nawaz Sharif in Adyala Jail – Says Imran Khan

Imran Khan is in London today to attend the marriage ceremony of his friend’s daughter. While talking to media in London Imran Khan expressed his views to make the necessary arrangements in Adyala Jail for disqualified PM being trialed for corruption, money laundering, fraud and more. Nawaz Sharif shouldn’t face any inconvenience in jail said Imran Khan. Imran Khan also said the Punjab government claims of good performance are nothing