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Pakistanis respond on Nawaz Sharif’s Anti-Pakistan statements

Nawaz Sharif giving a statement against national interest is not something new. Nawaz as well as other leaders of pmln have accused own security agencies and army for giving a visa to Osama Bin Laden to Pakistan. Many a times they have accused Pakistan army which is in the modest of fighting a war against terrorism, have lost so any of our soldiers as well as civilians in this war.

All fake police encounters are ordered by the Chief Minister says fugitive Abid Boxer now arrested after 11 years by Interpol

Abid Boxer admitted he had murdered countless people on the orders of the Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif. No fake police encounter can happen without the orders of CM Punjab. Said Abid Boxer categorically repeated many times during his conversation to make his point. What a great way to serve the people, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif what should we call you now?

Noor Zaman who gave proofs of Ayesha Gulalai’s corruption shot dead in Lakki Marwat

The murder appears to be a case of revenge and to silence Noor Zaman’s voice against Ayesha Gulalai. We condemn this inhumane act and pray for the family of deceased. Noor Zaman’s murder is a test for the KPK police which is free from any political interference to find the people behind this murder and bring them to justice.

CPEC contracts & critical record burnt to ashes in Islamabad

Senior media anchor Dr. Shahid Masood said sensitive CPEC contracts and record is also burnt in this fire. Although government officials are denying it and claiming CPEC records to be safe, we doubt it. This is not the first time that critical government records burnt mysteriously destroying all financial records. We have seen Ramzan Sugar Mills records burn, Metro record burn in LDA plaza Lahore, Nandipur record, and ECP records burn as well.

Mega corruption exposed in mega metro project of PML-N

Sharifs are the pioneers of introducing commission and corruption in Pakistan politics. Politics is a profitable business for them and every time they come into power they make more money by embezzling government funds and taking kickbacks on all government projects. Imran Khan mentioned it a long time ago that mega projects are for mega corruption and kickbacks. Time proved Imran Khan right once again, and just like Panama case, corruption in Multan Metro Bus Project is exposed by the Chinese Government.

People of Pakistan respond on Nawaz Sharif leaving for UK

Nawaz Sharif didn’t appear before NAB nor any action was taken against him for doing so. Just as we expected no one stopped him from leaving the country and he is now in London, staying in the same flats they failed to provide any legal money trail to purchase them. Ideally, Nawaz should have been detained in Pakistan and it would have been better to get the looted money back