Overseas Pakistanis now it’s your turn to claim what is yours – join us to free Pakistan from corrupt

Overseas  Pakistanis living in Canada sent a letter to Chief Justice of Supreme court of Pakistan for his contribution in making overseas voting Possible in 2018 elections. Mr. Arfan Naveed from Ontario sent a letter signed by almost 11000 overseas Pakistani appreciating Supreme Court role in making overseas voting a reality – Thank you Chief Justice may you get reward for all this in both lives.

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Siasat.pk meters PTI popularity in Peshawar KPK with a street show

Finally, for the first time in Pakistan in last many decades, the common people are getting respect and equal rights of a citizen. Police can also stop and fine VIPs even parliamentarians for violating laws. Common people get respect in police stations, hospitals, and other government departments. That's something a lot more important than building roads, that's building self esteem and self respect in the nation. PTI has also built a lot of infrastructures promoting tourism and have given road access to many hilly areas and towns of KPK.

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Khan Sahab will take strict action against sold out parliamentarians of PTI

The overall majority of the PTI parliamentarians stayed intact however still we can not afford even a single one to lose its course. PTI supporters demand strict action against it. Shaukat Yousufzai PTI leader from KPK said its good that the party will be cleaned from parliamentarians who have a price for their votes.

PTI trying to break Government and Opposition nexus in the parliament by replacing leader of the opposition

PTI trying to break Government and Opposition nexus by uniting all other opposition parties against the current opposition leader Khursheed Shah. It is important to have an unbiased and honest opposition leader in order for the appointment of most critical positions of NAB and ECP chairman. Watch out for all latest developments in this regard

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