Fata Merged with KPK – Congratulations FATA, Congratulations Pakistan

This day will be remembered throughout time in Pakistan only because of its sheer importance. Today on 24, May 2018 FATA has been merged into KP after tireless efforts by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the leadership of Imran Khan. Imran Khan has a special relation with the FATA people and have visited them a number of times. Specially after the war on terror struck the poor area, making hundreds of thousands

Nawaz Sharif sitting PM will appear before JIT – Pakistan making history

  This is one step forward for accountability and rule of law in Pakistan. We reached this phase after months of struggle and patience. However vast majority of people still don’t believe that the JIT will be able to hold the powerful Sharif’s accountable. Even though they understand Sharifs have not been able to present any legal evidence of money trail.   Congratulations to the nation as for the first

Public largely rejects Panama Case Verdict

We speak for the PTI supporters, the common Pakistanis who were largely disappointed by the outcome which couldn’t give us any results. Many suspect the delaying tactics are being used and why Nawaz Sharif is still allowed as PM Pakistan when he never speaks truth, financially corrupt and not trustworthy. Basically it’s the lack of trust in the state itself after seeing looters loot it freely and enjoying misusing powers and molesting the laws.

Who is Murad Saeed

  Imran Khan’s Youth Revolution Murad Saeed is in news these days after he had a fight with PMLN’s Javed Latif over his sick comments to provoke the young PTI leader who has been a steadfast supporter of Imran Khan. Unlike the ruling party people in PTI are getting positions on merit and hard work rather on family relations. Murad founded ISF in KPK and is one of the most

Insaf Ki Jung Series Interview Aatif Chaudhry (NA123) Senior Vice President Lahore

Aatif Chaudhry Exclusive Interview with iSupportPTI   Aatif Chaudhry surrendered his British Nationality to contest General Elections 2013 on PTI Ticket from NA123 Lahore People like Aatif Chaudhry joining PTI are one of the most important outcome of Imran Khan’s tireless struggle in Pakistan politics. Aatif surrendered his British Nationality in order to contest for the general elections 2013 and was a candidate of PTI from NA 123. Aatif joined