Tsunami 2 Building up and the first waves were seen in Imran Khan’s Karachi visit

Imran Khan should spend more time in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta than in Islamabad. His visits to Karachi, Lahore, Multan recently mobilized a large number of people on the streets. Instead of VIP seminars, hotel meetings, and summits in the clubs, Khan should work more closely with the workers on the ground to speed up the momentum of the movement.

PTI Pakistan Zindabad Jalsa in Karachi

Imran Khan PTI held another lively public gathering in Karachi Nishtar park yesterday and called it Pakistan Zindabad Jalsa. PTI leadership along with the public expressed their love for Pakistan and vowed to take the movement for justice to its next phase to free Pakistan from the corrupt governance system. The jalsa was to address some serious issues of national security on the defense day of Pakistan 6th September. Imran

Baldia Factory fire (2012) which consumed over 250 lives was a result of owners not paying extortion demanded by Namaloom Afrad

Rangers submitted the report to Sindh High Court stating that fire at Baldia Factory was a deliberate act by members of a political party. We wouldn’t be wrong guessing that party is MQM. The report submitted by Ranger is a secret and rangers also have one of the party worker arrested who set the fire. So it looks that everything is clear but justice is not being served to the nation. Our judiciary needs to be set free from the influence of the ruling elite.

Karachi responds to the call for justice in Pakistan by Imran Khan

Today PTI held its protest against rigging of Elections 2013 in the economic hub of Pakistan, Karachi. The city saw a complete shutdown of markets, offices and traffic as Insafians came on the roads to protest against stealing of their mandate in Election 2013 and also to demand the formation of a judicial commission to investigate Elections rigging. The protest was held in different places in Karachi and was completely

Altaf Bhai arrest in London and situation in Karachi

الطاف بھائی کی لندن میں گرفتاری غیر قانونی طور پر برطانیہ میں بڑے پیمانے پرمال و دولت لانے پر کی گئی ہے۔ الطاف بھائی کا کوئی کاروبار تو ہے نہیں تو آپ سمجھ سکتے ہیں کہ یہ پیسہ غیر قانونی طریقوں سے ہی اکھٹاکیا گیاپاکستان سے، یہ ایک علیحدہ باب ہے اس پر ابھی ہم بات نہیں کرتے۔ پہلے تو اخلاقی تورپر ہی یہ ایک شرمناک حرکت ہے کہ آپ

18 June, PTI starts nation wide processions against the failed government

At a time when the whole nation is suffering severe conditions, target killings in Karachi, bomb blasts, price hikes, and load shedding of up to 18 to 20 hours all over Pakistan. Angry and violent Public reaction is already coming from most parts of Pakistan. Violent mobs are burning cars, looting banks, destroying government and private properties and police can’t do much about it. It is further destroying Pakistan and