Civil cases in KPK now will be concluded within a year after with the new amendments passed by the KPK assembly

Justice delayed is justice denied.   Peshawar high court approved the amendments made by the KPK cabinet in the 1908 code of civil procedure act. With the new amendments the court will be able to conclude the civil cases within 1 year. It may take up to 15 years in resolving the civil cases currently and the nation needs speedy justice system. We congratulate PTI KPK government for making new

PTI in KPK preparing future generations

The work done by Imran Khan’s KPK team in the education sector is remarkable. The province was torn apart by the war on terror where the schools were blown up by the terrorists. PTI started in very difficult situation and built the education system in KPK from the ground up.   It happened for the first time that any government sector was managed by professionals with a vision to educate

PTI Transforming KPK Education

Revolution in KPK Education System Atif Khan PTI Minister for education in KPK explains along with his team how the new “Online Action Management System” works. PTI is transforming KPK education system which was completely destroyed by the terrorists and previous governments who were not serious to improve the education in the province. Ever since the PTI took over the province they are bringing revolutionary reforms on the ground, unlike