We Thank Honorable Chief Justice for taking Notice of Mobile Companies Card Excessive Tax Issue

Jagga Tax on Mobile Phones Calling Card is over Latest Update: CJP remark deduct Rs. 8 or shut down companies. I never imagined something like this, but many unimaginable things are happening in Pakistan these days. Like Nawaz Sharif saying, I am in a fight with Aliens weird right. Well CJP Saqib Nisar has just taken a sou moto action on mobile companies for deducting so much money as tax

The Change is Now Unstoppable

Imran Khan is the man who is known now for not giving up, ever. Even after losing the 2013 elections, deprived of justice and fairplay, he still managed to bring the powerful ruler under the law. It was not an easy task, Imran Khan along with the workers had spent most of his time on the streets, seminars, and protests. The inquiries resulted in Panama Case investigations will prove to change the fate of Pakistan. Its impact will change the future and will change corruption for rulers from a normal routine to a serious crime.

Imran Khan in Lahore from where it all started in 2011

Khan Sahab is in Lahore today, moving in a rally started from Lahore airport to multiple membership camps setup in the city. We always loved Khan for cricket and then Shaukhat Khanam – we worked for it and collected donations and so on. But then it appeared Khan Sahab was not fit for Pakistan politics because he was too clean for the dirty game. But he did not give up and in 2011 when we had Zardari as president and Nawaz getting ready for his turn while showbaz was looting in Punjab – the nation went to Imran Khan seeking a way out of this PPP & PMLN tag match where both parties were looting the nation.

The battle will continue

The battle is not over yet, says Dr. Yasmin who dragged N league out of their palaces to the streets of NA120. N had to use all the support of ECP to save themselves from a humiliating defeat in the public polls. After Panama defeat it was very critical for them to win the seat they secured with 40k votes lead in 2013. So they rewarded people in the name