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Depoliticize PTV

This is the top trend in Pakistan at this time, people are outraged over biased covering of PTV and proving itself to be a propaganda channel of PMLN. It started after Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s statement that Chairman PTV Mohammad Malik is acting as personal employee of PMLN. PTV was working as a propaganda channel for PPPP in the previous government and now for PMLN, its happening from Day 1

Why Pakistan Government Hates Social Media

The people online are largely the educated class of PAKISTAN. There are students, professionals, businessmen and people having access to more facilities than others in society. These people matter and their opinion matters. That is a reason that social media is very loud in expressing their opinion online. Which differs with mainstream media and certain so called self proclaimed journalists who are actually just opportunistic and get benefit of situations.

Baldia Factory fire (2012) which consumed over 250 lives was a result of owners not paying extortion demanded by Namaloom Afrad

Rangers submitted the report to Sindh High Court stating that fire at Baldia Factory was a deliberate act by members of a political party. We wouldn’t be wrong guessing that party is MQM. The report submitted by Ranger is a secret and rangers also have one of the party worker arrested who set the fire. So it looks that everything is clear but justice is not being served to the nation. Our judiciary needs to be set free from the influence of the ruling elite.

Nawaz Sharif bribing media and bureaucrats to save his government

Independent media sources are reporting that Nawaz Sharif retrieved a sum of two billion rupees from State Bank of Pakistan. This money is to be used for bribing the journalists, bureaucrats, and politicians. Sharifs purchasing support for Nawaz Sharif in the current turmoil. New facts and findings are coming in front of the public one after the other. There is a list of journalists who received money from Nawaz Sharif

Only animals can do such brutality with public

KIDS SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS PAGE! N league has started its crackdown on Pakistan Awami Tehreek of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri which has started a movement against the injustified governments in Pakistan and large scale corruption. 6 PAT workers were killed and dozens injured in clashes with police. Shots were fired openly on PAT workers. Chairman PTI Imran Khan has condemned this brutal act of Punjab government and demanded from Shahbaz Sharif