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PTI Supporters gave their verdict on should PTI resign from parliament or not

Hot debate is going on in PTI leadership as well as the members as if PTI should resign from the national assembly or not. The debate started after Sheikh Rashid announcing his resignation in the Lahore PAT protest and urging others to do the same to get rid of the PMLN. We conducted a survey on Twitter and came to know that a majority of PTI supporters and members want

PTI Should enable members to act and be a part of decision making

We have been stressing for a strong party members system Where the members could connect and communicate with the party in an effective manner. A membership system which enables the members of the party to give their input from all constituencies. We have been working on such a system which will list members on the basis of their constituency, age, profession, and city. This will enable pti to quickly reach

Insaf House Inaugurated In Lahore for PTI Workers & Members

A new PTI office named Insaf House is opened in Lahore Faisal Town, on 30th January 2015, with the mission to strengthen the party, empower workers and supporters and implement rule of law in the party as per Imran Khan’s vision. Intra Party elections before General Elections 2013 could not produce desired results. It was the first time any party conducted such large scale intra party elections in Pakistan and

Only animals can do such brutality with public

KIDS SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS PAGE! N league has started its crackdown on Pakistan Awami Tehreek of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri which has started a movement against the injustified governments in Pakistan and large scale corruption. 6 PAT workers were killed and dozens injured in clashes with police. Shots were fired openly on PAT workers. Chairman PTI Imran Khan has condemned this brutal act of Punjab government and demanded from Shahbaz Sharif

Historic protest in DHA Lahore

The protest by the PTI voters in DHA Ghazi Chowk Lahore was a remarkable effort and it proved that those who never took part in politics have now stepped up for Pakistan with Imran Khan. Thousands of PTI voters of NA125 came out against Khawaja Saad Rafiq’s rigging and protested peacefully at Ghazi Chowk for 9 days! There were elders, children, women and youth who stayed there for days to

Imran Khan at ISF Award Ceremony

ISF Award Ceremony Highlights Insaf Students Federation (ISF) held an award ceremony for ISF volunteers who participated in the PTI membership drive. Chairman PTI Imran Khan was the cheif guest of the event. Other key PTI officials present at the occasion were Javed Hashmi, Shah Mahmood Qurashi, Shafqat Mahmood, Omer Cheema, and others. Officials from PTI women wing were also present at the event. ISF Award Ceremony Photo Gallery ISF