PTI Jalsa in Swabi

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf held another successful Jalsa in Swabi. A large number of people, full of energy and enthusiasm attended the jalsa. However at the end, we had an unpleasent incident when someone threw hand grenades and opened fire at a police vehicle there for security. Around eight people were injured and one person died of this sad incident. Chairmain PTI Imran Khan later expressed his views about the blast as

28 Parlimentarians Suspended with Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s Petition

28 parliamentarians and provincial assembly members are suspended today, with a verdict of Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan. This decision was made on the petition, filed by PTI Chairman Imran Khan, that these legislators are elected illegally. These 28 members include federal ministers and members of national and provincial assemblies. These politicians suspended belong to PPP, PMLN, PMLQ, MQM, and some are independent parliamentarians. Members will stay suspended until government

PTI social media pages are restored

PTI pages were hacked last Friday, 3rd February 2012, and all the pages were closed. PTI supporters were enraged over this act of cowardliness and were very angry. Basically an Admin account of the pages were compromised and using that account the so called hacker closed the pages. ISF team contacted Facebook officials and after some days of negotiations, they were able to get back the pages today. Only one

Welcome to BuddyPress

We have installed BuddyPress for PTI supporters to communicate with each other and organize to perform various roles to boost PTI presence in Pakistan. We will be doing some updates to the site in coming days and you may feel some problems but they will fade away eventually.

Quetta Jalsa Update: Now on April 6th

Qasim Khan Suri – PTI ( Official ) Our Quetta Jalsa has been moved to April 6th. Some people are asking about the reason behind changing the date from 23rd of march to 6th of April i can tell you that the main reason behind this decision is that we want to have enough time to talk to responsible political leadership in Baluchistan who can help by giving advise and