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Imran Khan Won Panama Case

Monumental moment in the history of Pakistan. Corruption and its monster of crime finally being caged. ‪The struggle of one man Imran Khan long time ago finally has become the voice and conscience of the nation. Imran Khan was the first politician to raise the issue of illegal assets and corruption 20 years ago. He kept demanding all political leaders to declare their real assets but they continually made fun

مریم پرانے معائدے پر نیا فونٹ استعمال کرنے پر بھی پکڑی گئی

سنا تھا اللّہ کی لاٹھی بے آواز ہوتی ہے آج دیکھ بھی لیا۔ آج سارا دن سوشل میڈیا پر کیلیبری فونٹ کے معاملے پر شدید تنقید ہوئی ۔ یعنی کے جب جعلی معائدہ عدالت کو دینے کے لیے بنایا گیا تو جو فونٹ استعمال ہوا وہ معائدے  کی تاریخ کے ایک سال بعد ریلیز ہوا تھا۔ ہم یہ بات سمجھنے سے قاصر ہیں کہ شریف خاندان ہر طرف سے رنگے

New evidence against Sharifs found from Dubai in Gulf Steel Mill

JIT received new details about Gulf Steel Mill and Sharifs have lied about it as well. New evidence shows that Sharifs never received the insurance money and the investigation shows that the factory was set on fire intentionally. People saying its old habit of Sharifs to burn down evidence and factories to accomplish their evil plans. Many other lies of Sharifs are also exposed as per the latest information JIT

Lawyers movement against Nawaz Sharif begins from Lahore High Court today

Lahore high court bar association lawyers protested in front of the High Court at Mall Road today against Sharif family corruption and demanded PM resignation for failing to provide any legal evidence or money trail of London flats. More also the lawyers condemned PMLN leaders threatening JIT and Supreme Court. Walid Iqbal addressing lawyers at Lahore High Court Walid Iqbal a prominent PTI leader and the grandson of Allama Iqbal

Sheikh Rasheed blast Sharifs at his address at Lahore High Court Bar Association

Sheikh Rasheed addressing Lahore High Court Bar Association on 4th of July 2017. Sheikh Sahab blast Sharif family for lying, looting and destroying Pakistan. He appreciated lawyers for their active role in Pakistani issues and national affairs. Pakistan was made by a lawyer (Quaid-e-Azam) and it will be saved by the lawyers as well. Sheikh Rasheed نواز شریف کو گاڈ فادر نہ کہیں تو کیا فادر کہیں ؟ شیخ رشید

Nawaz Sharif media talk from London, crying over JIT investigating him

We have no words to express our grief and anger over Nawaz Sharif statements made from London, right in front of the same flats exposed in Panama Leaks and being investigated in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif started his media talk with “to be honest” and then he was never honest in his statements. I don’t know why JIT is investigating our private businesses. Says Nawaz Sharif Mian

Walid Iqbal PTI Lahore challenges N league for the Public JIT

Walid Iqbal addressing #PTI Lahore at the Iftar Dinner hosted yesterday, warned PMLN that they will face the same treatment from public as they are getting from the Supreme Court Panama JIT. He said PTI stands for the equality, rule of law and will make sure the powerful will be accountable for what they did with the country. Must watch some great passion and energy from none other but the

Nawaz Sharif sitting PM will appear before JIT – Pakistan making history

  This is one step forward for accountability and rule of law in Pakistan. We reached this phase after months of struggle and patience. However vast majority of people still don’t believe that the JIT will be able to hold the powerful Sharif’s accountable. Even though they understand Sharifs have not been able to present any legal evidence of money trail.   Congratulations to the nation as for the first

What is actually Imran Khan’s Mission

In 1996 when Imran Khan stepped into Pakistan politics, it was the same Nawaz Sharif and Peoples Party ruling Pakistan and their governments were dismissed one after the other on corruption charges. However they framed it as political victimization and kept fooling the nation. Imran Khan’s PTI which failed to even get 1 seat in its first elections were look upon as a failed political party which can never grow to become the leading political party. But time went on and Imran Khan continued struggling and stood against injustice and corruption during all these years and finally in 2011 the Lahore Jalsa was record breaking and masses came out to support Imran Khan in order to get rid of Zardari and Nawaz. Ever since he never looked back and till this day Imran Khan is fighting against corruption in Pakistan like no one else. We are proud of our leader and today on the 21st birthday of PTI – we salute and pay tribute to Imran Khan!