Panama Case

What is actually Imran Khan’s Mission

In 1996 when Imran Khan stepped into Pakistan politics, it was the same Nawaz Sharif and Peoples Party ruling Pakistan and their governments were dismissed one after the other on corruption charges. However they framed it as political victimization and kept fooling the nation. Imran Khan's PTI which failed to even get 1 seat in its first elections were look upon as a failed political party which can never grow to become the leading political party. But time went on and Imran Khan continued struggling and stood against injustice and corruption during all these years and finally in 2011 the Lahore Jalsa was record breaking and masses came out to support Imran Khan in order to get rid of Zardari and Nawaz. Ever since he never looked back and till this day Imran Khan is fighting against corruption in Pakistan like no one else. We are proud of our leader and today on the 21st birthday of PTI - we salute and pay tribute to Imran Khan!

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