Fata Merged with KPK – Congratulations FATA, Congratulations Pakistan

This day will be remembered throughout time in Pakistan only because of its sheer importance. Today on 24, May 2018 FATA has been merged into KP after tireless efforts by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the leadership of Imran Khan. Imran Khan has a special relation with the FATA people and have visited them a number of times. Specially after the war on terror struck the poor area, making hundreds of thousands

Imran Khan fulfilled his promise to bring common men in mainstream politics

Meet newly elected Nazim Peshawar, Mr. Arbab Asim who had no interest in politics until he saw Imran Khan’s struggle for Pakistan. It motivated him to step down and play his role for the future of his country and nation. Watch out Arbab Asim’s exclusive interview by Insaf TV team in which he shares his story of coming into politics and his promise to always serve in the best interest

Khan Sahab Visiting APS Today along with Reham Khan

Khan Sahab was planned to visit APS on its first day of school opening, but he had to change the plan as Army Chief was visiting. Khan sahab will join APS students today along with Reham Khan and other PTI leadership. He will speak with the students and also spend sometime with the students to ensure them that we stand with them in this difficult time and we feel their

Imran khan in Peshawar (july 14th,2012)

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf held a rally in Peshawar on July 14, 2012 to protest against the restoration of NATO Supplies. The rally was headed by PTI Chairman,Imran Khan who said that restoration of the NATO supplies was totally against Pakistani interests as the US drone attacks were continuing to kill Pakistanis and our rulers are not even trying to stop the drone attacks. Imran Khan faced a supercharged crowd who waved

18 June, PTI starts nation wide processions against the failed government

At a time when the whole nation is suffering severe conditions, target killings in Karachi, bomb blasts, price hikes, and load shedding of up to 18 to 20 hours all over Pakistan. Angry and violent Public reaction is already coming from most parts of Pakistan. Violent mobs are burning cars, looting banks, destroying government and private properties and police can’t do much about it. It is further destroying Pakistan and