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Lawyers movement against Nawaz Sharif begins from Lahore High Court today

Lahore high court bar association lawyers protested in front of the High Court at Mall Road today against Sharif family corruption and demanded PM resignation for failing to provide any legal evidence or money trail of London flats. More also the lawyers condemned PMLN leaders threatening JIT and Supreme Court. Walid Iqbal addressing lawyers at Lahore High Court Walid Iqbal a prominent PTI leader and the grandson of Allama Iqbal

Imran Khan appeal to Fund Islamabad Lock Down

Imran Khan appeal to all PTI members to donate Rs. 100 minimum for Islamabad Lock Down Together we will bring the rulers under the law. We request everyone, all members specially to donate generously and take part in this movement to stop corruption. It will help all Pakistanis specially those who are living below the poverty line. Unless we stop corruption, Pakistan can not prosper. Account Information for Donations You

Complete Speech Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen, Sheikh Rasheed and other leaders at Raiwind March

Watch all speeches of #RaiwindMarch at one place. The message is simple and clear… without accountability there is no end to corruption in #Pakistan. Ultimatum to Sharif family to face accountability. Specially watchout what Sheikh Rasheed had to say…   Complete speech Imran Khan at Raiwind March Khan Sahab explained everything very clearly and proved the corruption of Sharifs and gave his final ultimatum to all the government departments involved

Lahore Heritage at Risk – Save Chauburgi

Hundreds of people have signed up for a protest on 30th October against the orange train project which is putting Chuburgi Lahore, GOP Lahore and other places at risk. Despite criticism on Metro Train project, which is one of the most expensive Metro solution, it disturbed lives of thousands of businessmen on the route, civilians, costing us a lot of money for one bus service when people don’t even have

Depoliticize PTV

This is the top trend in Pakistan at this time, people are outraged over biased covering of PTV and proving itself to be a propaganda channel of PMLN. It started after Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s statement that Chairman PTV Mohammad Malik is acting as personal employee of PMLN. PTV was working as a propaganda channel for PPPP in the previous government and now for PMLN, its happening from Day 1

NEPRA report exposed Pakistan Government for not producing electricity to its full available capacity

Nepra today released a report in which it stated that Pakistan government did not produce approximately 60% available capacity from its existing power plants. This is not a surprise for many as we have accepted the fact that current rulers do not want to provide electricity to the people of Pakistan. Even if we wanted to increase the production capacity with new plants, 10 years were more than enough to

One Year of Islamabad Massacre

It was one hell of a night when Sharifs used brutal force to disperse the protesters. Thinking people will run away, leaving behind their leader Imran Khan. But the people resisted, stood there, and faced the worst shelling of Pakistan history by the government on peaceful protesters. Thousands of “expired tear gas” rounds along with rubber and real bullets were fired, killing and injuring many. Today we all remember that