18 June, PTI starts nation wide processions against the failed government

At a time when the whole nation is suffering severe conditions, target killings in Karachi, bomb blasts, price hikes, and load shedding of up to 18 to 20 hours all over Pakistan. Angry and violent Public reaction is already coming from most parts of Pakistan. Violent mobs are burning cars, looting banks, destroying government and private properties and police can’t do much about it. It is further destroying Pakistan and

IPF Budget Seminar with Asad Umar

Insaf Professional Forum held a Budget Seminar on 16th June, 2012 in Karachi with Asad Umar as main speaker and a panel to analyze Pakistan’s budget, 2012- 2013. The panel consisted of Mr Sayyem Ali, Chief Economist of Standard Chartered Bank, Mr Sohail, CEO of Top Line Securities and  Mr Farrukh Khan, Director BMA Capital. Budget Analysis Mr Sohail analyzed the budget of Pakistan for the Fiscal Year, 2012-2013. He

Gen Ali Kuli Khan joined PTI – Imran Khan Press Conference Islamabad

This is the first press conference after Chairman Imran Khan arrived back in Pakistan. Imran Khan was in UK and raised 400k pounds for educating poor in Pakistan. Gen Ali Kuli Khan Joined PTI Gen Ali Kuli Khan joined Pakistan Tehreek Insaf on 22nd May in a press conference with Imran Khan in Islamabad. Gen Ali Kuli Khan is a retired three-star lieutenant-general and former military strategist of Pakistan Army.

PTI’s Judiciary Solidarity March in Islamabad

PTI held a massive rally in support of supreme courts decisions against the government. Imran Khan said while addressing the rally: Yousaf Raza did not write letter to Swiss authorities because he is protecting the 500 caror rupees of Asif Zardari’s corruption. The whole corrupt league of politicians have passed resolution in favor of the xPM in order to protect their own corruption and the corruption of Zardari. he further

Save Judiciary Rally on 6th May Islamabad

PTI has announced a rally in Islamabad on the 6th of May to support judiciary in Pakistan. Chairman PTI Imran Khan along with other key figures in PTI will address & lead the rally. Its time to show the government that no one is above the law, and Pakistani nation is united for an independent judiciary system in which anyone who commits a crime is held accountable, no matter what

Highest Paid Pakistani CEO Asad Umar Resigns from his job to Join PTI

CEO of Engro Corporation Asad Umar resigns his job to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Asad is known to be one of the best Pakistani professional who took his company to top ranks. Asad Umar Profile Asad Umar said in a press conference with Imran Khan in Islamabad, that: I want to see all Pakistani children getting the same level of education and health facilities without any differentiation between rich, poor, rural

PTI National Membership Campaign and Party Elections

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan became one of the very few, if not the only, politician at present in Pakistan to announce a membership campaign as a result of which all the party leadership, including Imran Khan, will have to be elected to their positions by voting of all party members. The goal of the national recruitment campaign of PTI is to get approximately 4,000,000 members and its strategy

PTI’s efforts for Baluchistan

The Baluchistan issue has recently worsened to the extent that Baloch leaders have refused to sit on the negotiating table with Pakistani authorities. Their issues include missing persons, control over Baluchistan’s national resources, unemployment, and provincial autonomy which has now gone to the extreme demand of secession. As opposed to the PPP’s and PML(N)’s non serious attitude towards the Baluchistan issue, Imran Khan and his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf have always

Imran Khan’s Address at PTI Energy Conference

PTI held a successful Energy Conference today. Such conferences would help people understand the vision and policies of the party. The crisis we are facing in Pakistan nowadays and their solutions were discussed in great detail. Many other people also contributed their ideas and offered their experience to help Pakistan resolve the energy crisis. We will be adding more videos of question/answer session and statements made by other party leaders. Please