Pakistanis respond on Nawaz Sharif’s Anti-Pakistan statements

Nawaz Sharif giving a statement against national interest is not something new. Nawaz as well as other leaders of pmln have accused own security agencies and army for giving a visa to Osama Bin Laden to Pakistan. Many a times they have accused Pakistan army which is in the modest of fighting a war against terrorism, have lost so any of our soldiers as well as civilians in this war.

NA120 Scale of Responsibility

The biggest majority is the 61% which did not vote! They are actually the real decision makers in this political battle. Although they did not vote for ruling party PMLN their silence actually helped them win. Silence in a time when we have a choice does not make any sense and this silent voter needs to understand that they are actually indirectly responsible for allowing the criminals to come into power and loot the whole nation.

Delay in Membership Cards Campaign

Dear PTI supporters, Please accept our apology for delay in issuing the Membership Cards. There have been some changes in the campaign and we will provide you more information soon. All those who have applied already for the card, need not to worry or apply again. We have all the data intact and we will be contacting you soon. We expect the card printing to begin in this month. Thank