Insaf House Inaugurated In Lahore for PTI Workers & Members

A new PTI office named Insaf House is opened in Lahore Faisal Town, on 30th January 2015, with the mission to strengthen the party, empower workers and supporters and implement rule of law in the party as per Imran Khan’s vision. Intra Party elections before General Elections 2013 could not produce desired results. It was the first time any party conducted such large scale intra party elections in Pakistan and

Governor Chudhary Sarwar Resigns in Tears

Ch. Sarwar resigned today from the governorship of Punjab. He was in tears while leaving the governor house and stated that he failed to bring any improvement in the lives of citizens. He also said that situation in Pakistan is deteriorating with each passing day and people are helpless and can’t find justice. If the governor of a province is helpless and can’t do any good for the nation, that proves

PTI PP268 Candidate Abdul Basit Arrested shamelessly

Abdul Basit Shikrani was PTI candidate from PP268. Abdul Basit is a simple man, who sold all his valuable to compete in the General Elections 2013. He even sold his shop which was his source of income. He was arrested on 25th August and still in jail. Police had filed advanced FIR against Abdul Basit and arrested him from his home at midnight when he was sleeping in his bedroom. Police

Reality of Punjab Youth Festival

PTI which stands for justice but criticize all projects of PMLN run gov in Punjab appears to be not doing justice. However to understand the mindset of Tehreek one needs to consider all aspects of governance in the given situation of crisis in the country. Youth is the major part of Tehreek and obviously who would not like activities for youth in a society filled with injustice and ciaos. In