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18 June, PTI starts nation wide processions against the failed government

At a time when the whole nation is suffering severe conditions, target killings in Karachi, bomb blasts, price hikes, and load shedding of up to 18 to 20 hours all over Pakistan. Angry and violent Public reaction is already coming from most parts of Pakistan. Violent mobs are burning cars, looting banks, destroying government and private properties and police can’t do much about it. It is further destroying Pakistan and

A Massive PTI Quetta Jalsa Against All the Odds

Congratulations Pakistan Despite the security concerns and rainy weather, PTI held a massive rally in Quetta. The attendees included a large number of women and children. Although the Quetta Jalsa was very critical for Pakistan and Balochistan but the mainstream didn’t aired most of the happenings. This is another mistake the government is making, this is 21st century and mainstream media is not the only way for the information to