We Thank Honorable Chief Justice for taking Notice of Mobile Companies Card Excessive Tax Issue

Jagga Tax on Mobile Phones Calling Card is over Latest Update: CJP remark deduct Rs. 8 or shut down companies. I never imagined something like this, but many unimaginable things are happening in Pakistan these days. Like Nawaz Sharif saying, I am in a fight with Aliens weird right. Well CJP Saqib Nisar has just taken a sou moto action on mobile companies for deducting so much money as tax

Story behind ban on Siasat.pk by Pakistan Government

Siasat.pk is the biggest political forum of Pakistan having more than 1.3 million facebook fans and over 200 thousand daily unique visitors, making it among top 10 most visited websites. One media house of Pakistan threatened to get the website closed if they don’t sell the website to them. As per our sources the media house offered 1 Million dollars and when refused they started to blackmail the website owner.

Insaf Music Blast

Enthusiastic Insafians are releasing stunning music for change in Pakistan on almost daily basis. We have recently seen a number of high-energy sound tracks on the social media. You should not miss these tracks, do listen and share with your friends & family. All of this music is a clear indication of the political reaction for change in Pakistan is now gaining momentum for Elections 2013. Sadi Vari Aaan day!

PTI Social Media Challenges

The Unleashed Power of Social Media The exponential growth of the internet in Pakistan has brought about the rapid use of social media sites.  The youth of Pakistan, besides other things, have taken up to social media to express their political inclinations and to interact with fellow supporters and leaders of their and other political parties. This should be a positive aspect for Pakistanis and ideally, should result in a