The Change is Now Unstoppable

Imran Khan is the man who is known now for not giving up, ever. Even after losing the 2013 elections, deprived of justice and fairplay, he still managed to bring the powerful ruler under the law. It was not an easy task, Imran Khan along with the workers had spent most of his time on the streets, seminars, and protests. The inquiries resulted in Panama Case investigations will prove to change the fate of Pakistan. Its impact will change the future and will change corruption for rulers from a normal routine to a serious crime.

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Where exactly Jamat-e-Islami stand in NA120 – Irfan Jilani asks some difficult questions to JI

Jamat-e-Islami behavior is a growing concern among many Insafians. Although PTI gave them more space than they deserved by still whenever it comes to any critical time to support PTI against the corruption leagues, Jamat directly or indirectly supporters the ruling elite. Their statements and actions don't match. Watchout what Irfan Jilani a PTI Leader from Sindh has to say about it.

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CPEC contracts & critical record burnt to ashes in Islamabad

Senior media anchor Dr. Shahid Masood said sensitive CPEC contracts and record is also burnt in this fire. Although government officials are denying it and claiming CPEC records to be safe, we doubt it. This is not the first time that critical government records burnt mysteriously destroying all financial records. We have seen Ramzan Sugar Mills records burn, Metro record burn in LDA plaza Lahore, Nandipur record, and ECP records burn as well.

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NA120 PTI Jalsa – Imran Khan gives the message to the people of Lahore

Its a fight a between corruption and justice. This is not just another by-election, this election holds iconic value and will guide the nation. I know the people of Lahore, they are educated and sensible.. they are watching the gulluism of PMLN and on the election day, they are going to reject the party who have ruled Punjab over six times.

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