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New Song – Noora – One of the Best GoNawazGo Song

Recently released by the band AXIS the song is a masterpiece. The song is dedicated to all the people struggling to bring a change in Pakistan. The video, song, lyrics, music everything is outstanding and we are sure you can’t stop listening to it. Seems like Nawaz Sharif is committed to break all Zardari records and he is proving it. Chal Chal jaa !   [tw_video insert_type=”type_embed” video_text=”” video_m4v=”” video_thumb=””]

Bilal Khan makes Imran Khan Version of Larho Mujhay Song

[tw_video insert_type=”type_embed” video_text=”” video_m4v=”” video_thumb=””] Post by Bilal Khan. [/tw_video] DOWNLOAD SONG Bilal Khan Pakistani pop singer dedicates his song Larho Mujhay to Imran Khan and makes a remix version with a wonderful video showing heart touching scenes from Imran Khan’s struggle in all these years for Pakistan. DJ Butt during Mianwali Jalsa told the media that Imran Khan’s hot favorite song these days is “tota hova tara” which is

Insaf Music Blast

Enthusiastic Insafians are releasing stunning music for change in Pakistan on almost daily basis. We have recently seen a number of high-energy sound tracks on the social media. You should not miss these tracks, do listen and share with your friends & family. All of this music is a clear indication of the political reaction for change in Pakistan is now gaining momentum for Elections 2013. Sadi Vari Aaan day!

Naya Pakistan InshaAllah

This is the time to fulfill our destiny by contributing our best, united. Not as individual identities but we will rise as a nation. Towards a better state, the envisioned land.. A Naya Pakistan… InshAllah! Vocals: – Intro Junaid Jamshed & Salman Ahmad Lyrics: – Aania Shah & Salman Ahmad Composition: – Salman Ahmad, Shahi Hasan, Nusrat Hussain & Junaid Jamshed Guitars: – Salman Ahmad Bass: – Shahi Hasan Keyboards