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Imran Khan’s Address at PTI Energy Conference

PTI held a successful Energy Conference today. Such conferences would help people understand the vision and policies of the party. The crisis we are facing in Pakistan nowadays and their solutions were discussed in great detail. Many other people also contributed their ideas and offered their experience to help Pakistan resolve the energy crisis. We will be adding more videos of question/answer session and statements made by other party leaders. Please

Fauzia Kasuri Exposing N Sharif’s Drama on Missing People Protest Day

Nawaz Shareef went to missing person’s camp in Islamabad and talked against the government for not helping these families find their loved ones. Ironically Nawaz Shareef himself is ruling 60% of Pakistan, more also he is working hands in hands with Zardari to save their government. As usual NS took this action after knowing the PTI was supposed to join the missing person’s families on the camp at the same

PTI Jalsa in Swabi

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf held another successful Jalsa in Swabi. A large number of people, full of energy and enthusiasm attended the jalsa. However at the end, we had an unpleasent incident when someone threw hand grenades and opened fire at a police vehicle there for security. Around eight people were injured and one person died of this sad incident. Chairmain PTI Imran Khan later expressed his views about the blast as