Imran Khan Conquers South Punjab – 21 wickets with 1 ball

The estranged PML-N lawmakers who had formed the Junoobi Punjab Suba Mahaz (JPSM) a month ago officially merged into the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) on Wednesday and will now contest the 2018 general elections under the PTI banner. The two parties had reached an agreement a day earlier and made their merger official at a press conference in Islamabad. JPSM president Khusro Bakhtiar said that the merger was made possible after the PTI

Shireen Mazari exposed the blatant lies of PMLN on Pakistan foreign affairs

Shireen Mazari Speech on Foreign Policy during Budget Session 2018 ن لیگ کو صرف ایک کام آتا ہے جس کا ان کو بہت ہی زیادہ وسیع تجربہ ہے وہ ہے دھوکہ دینا اور جھوٹ بولنا۔ یہی کام جب ن لیگ نے اسمبلی کے فلور پر کیا اور اپنی خارجہ پالیسی کو کامیاب قرار دیتے ہوے خرم دستگیر نے کہا کہ ن لیگ نے نا ممکن کام ممکن کردیے تو میڈیم

Pir of Golra Sharif to support Imran Khan fully in the coming elections & forbids the followers of his shrine to vote for PMLN

Pir of Golra Sharif Jami Sahab forbids the followers of Golra Sharif to vote for PMLN ہمارے پیروکار اور مریدین ن لیگ کو ووٹ نہ دیں ۔ ن لیگ ختم نبوت کی غدار ہے ۔ ختم نبوت کانفرنس سیاسی وابستگی ظاہر کریں گے ۔ پیر آف گولڑہ شریف — MNA (@Engr_Naveed111) May 9, 2018 Imran Khan media talk outside Golra Sharif Shrine Media report on the meeting of Imran

We Thank Honorable Chief Justice for taking Notice of Mobile Companies Card Excessive Tax Issue

Jagga Tax on Mobile Phones Calling Card is over Latest Update: CJP remark deduct Rs. 8 or shut down companies. I never imagined something like this, but many unimaginable things are happening in Pakistan these days. Like Nawaz Sharif saying, I am in a fight with Aliens weird right. Well CJP Saqib Nisar has just taken a sou moto action on mobile companies for deducting so much money as tax

Hamza Ali Abbasi Reacts to Amir Liaquat Joining PTI

Hamza Ali Abbasi is a PTI (Imran Khan) loyalist and that’s no secret at all. In fact, in a recent conversation with Hamza, we asked him if he sees Imran Khan as Pakistan’s next Prime Minister and here’s what he had to say. “I sure hope so,” Hamza replied. “If not, it’ll be tragic for us.” He’s always been vocal about corruption in the country and nothing being unlikely in

Tsunami 2 Building up and the first waves were seen in Imran Khan’s Karachi visit

Imran Khan should spend more time in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta than in Islamabad. His visits to Karachi, Lahore, Multan recently mobilized a large number of people on the streets. Instead of VIP seminars, hotel meetings, and summits in the clubs, Khan should work more closely with the workers on the ground to speed up the momentum of the movement. meters PTI popularity in Peshawar KPK with a street show

Finally, for the first time in Pakistan in last many decades, the common people are getting respect and equal rights of a citizen. Police can also stop and fine VIPs even parliamentarians for violating laws. Common people get respect in police stations, hospitals, and other government departments. That’s something a lot more important than building roads, that’s building self esteem and self respect in the nation. PTI has also built a lot of infrastructures promoting tourism and have given road access to many hilly areas and towns of KPK.