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Bilawal Zardari addressing empty chairs 

Despite using massive looted money Bilawal fails to attract the people of Pakistan  PPP کااٹک میں ناکام جلسہ دیکھیئے بلاول کی اٹک میں خالی کرسیوں سے خطاب کی خصوصی فوٹیج خالی کرسیوں کاٹھاٹھےمارتاسمندر@ArifAlvi [email protected] — Dua~Bhutto (@DuaBhuttoPTI) August 27, 2017

TAX Calculation Fraud in Electricity Bills

TAX fraud exposed! Look at the attached bill for reference. The taxes are always calculated on the price of the product. In this case the electricity bill is Rs. 7571 and its 60% is Rs. 4542. And the taxes imposed in the bill are 4772. That means the taxes on the bill of Rs. 7571 are more than 60%! Then how come in the bill they are showing taxes to

What is about to happen in PTI on 19th March?

PTI is facing challenges within and from outside. If we become stronger from the inside we can face any challenge from the outside. Imran Khan has a vision for PTI but sadly some fail to follow it. Party elections was not a new idea, it is Imran Khan’s vision ever since he started PTI. On a question to Imran Khan that why he announced party elections in 2013 he replied

Imran Khan Welcomes Ch. Sarwar to PTI

The news of Ch. Sarwar joining PTI was circulating in the media ever since he resigned from the Governorship of Punjab. Finally he joined PTI after a formal invitation from the chairman PTI Imran Khan. In a joint press conference both spoke about the missing justice and merit in Pakistani democracy. Khan Sahab expressed his joy and pleasure to welcome Ch. Sarwar to PTI and made following statements: Chaudhry Sarwar

The Mother of PTI – Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri

ISF Lahore yesterday organized an event to launch their Vote 4 Bat campaign in Lahore. Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri was the cheif guest at the occasion who got immense respect and the title of “Mother of PTI” from ISF Lahore. These were some precious emotional moments in PTI journy when Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri had tears in her eyes on this announcement from ISF. She is one of the most respected, and