Imran Khan press conference after CEC meeting

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Today’s CEC meeting is one of the most important in the history of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The new party constitution was finalized and regional organizational structure started being implemented. The PTI CEC reiterated that regional structure power can not be kept only in a few hands. By giving locals power and control, they will be able to perform better.

As per Imran Khan’s promise he is setting up the party structure, which will manage the issues and problems of Pakistan and make PTI an institutional organization, which will be dynamic and based on merit. The party will not be anyone’s property, new or old officials or even Imran Khan. Members will become the actual owners of the party and their vote will have the same value.

After the CEC meeting, Imran Khan will inaugurate PTI Membership Drive, which targets 40,00,000 members. I think the members will go beyond hundred thousands figure. These members will then vote to elect their representatives. That’s how tickets will be allotted.

We will add more information on this page after Imran Khan’s press conference at 5:00 PM.