Watch all speeches of #RaiwindMarch at one place. The message is simple and clear… without accountability there is no end to corruption in #Pakistan. Ultimatum to Sharif family to face accountability. Specially watchout what Sheikh Rasheed had to say…

Complete speech Imran Khan at Raiwind March

Khan Sahab explained everything very clearly and proved the corruption of Sharifs and gave his final ultimatum to all the government departments involved in this to serve justice to the nation. Its an open and shut case said Imran Khan. Khan Sahab announced there will not be any more Jalsas and if we don’t get justice during Muharram, we shall go to block Islamabad. Government will not be able to function. He also said that he will never accept corruption and Nawaz Sharif can not escape accountability.


Complete speech Sheikh Rasheed at Raiwind March


Complete speech Jahangir Khan Tareen at Raiwind March

Short and to the point Jahangir Tareen talked about taking the movement for accountability to its completion.


Complete speech Shah Mahmood Qureshi at Raiwind March


Complete speech Parveez Khattak (CM KPK) at Raiwind March

Excellent speech by Perveez Khattak Sahab speaks the hearts and minds of insafians. Amazing must watch


Complete speech Aleem Khan at Raiwind March