Faisal Javed Khan winning Senate elections is a great milestone achieved in Imran Khan’s struggle for Naya Pakistan. Faisal is a common Pakistani who do not belong to a traditional political family or a business group. He joined politics to support Imran Khan free Pakistan from the corrupt and dishonest at a very young age of 16 years back in 1996.

Faisal Response after winning the Senate Election

“I am not here to do traditional politics”. Says Faisal

Faisal worked tirelessly ever since the inception of the party. He became famous for hosting PTI rallies and excited every soul who wants the country to be served with justice and equality. Faisal also worked on PTI media and social media teams on the backend.

Faisal Javed Media Talk after Senate Elections Outside KP Assembly

He is one of Imran Khan’s fulfilled promise that he will bring common people into the power corridors of Pakistan as only they can relate to the common people to solve their problems. Politics in Pakistan is still not favorable for the common people and there is a long way to go. But with people like Faisal Javed we know we will reach there and we are going into the right direction.