Together we can make a Difference

We are operating since 2011 and are involved in different types of campaigns to support the movement for justice in Pakistan.  All of this was made possible by the contributions of many passionate and patriotic Pakistanis like you.  People helped to design and execute different campaigns making an impact online and on the ground.

In order to continue our operations and work towards Naya Pakistan, we need your contributions and support.
Here is how you can contribute to support PTI.


To manage our website servers, development, social media promotions and other operations we need your donations. If you want to contribute financially please contact us and we will provide you more information.

Spread The Word

This is something everyone can do, help us spread the word. We are fighting a disinformation and we need to inform people of latest updates and information. Click on more information to see all the ways you can easily share information.


Work with our social media team by working online for any set of working hours from anywhere in the world. There is so much you can do online and on the ground. Contact us to find out the more information on campaigns and tasks list.